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Get to know us at Maximus+

Quality Education: A Community Commitment.

Engaging all students in partnership with family and community to become informed, compassionate, global citizens.


[1] is registered domain name in Malaysia (2010 till date). Our Business Name (Maximus Plus) is registered with SSM as an e-learning and e-commerce business enterprise (SSM Registration Number: JM0689869).

[2] Below is the list of sources for content on our webpages. Please could you contact us just-in-case we have missed out citing any other resource on this site.

  • Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies 0450 Past Year Exam Papers 2010-17
  • Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies 0450 Syllabus 2022
  • Cambridge IGCSE ICT 0417 Past Year Exam Papers 2010-17
  • Cambridge IGCSE ICT 0417 Syllabus 2019
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  • Images: Free Images from Google search engine.

Greetings and welcome to Maximus Plus E-Learning platform!

At maximus+ we are committed to excellence by providing the finest resources for teaching and learning. We have created futuristic and the most revolutionary MAX VLE online classrooms with an aim to impart knowledge using e-learning tools. We have our presence in all major Social Networking Websites for reaching our target audience in a niche market.

We offer online Certificate and Diploma Programs for ICT and International Business Studies courses. Our MAX VLE classrooms are integrated with virtual learning tools for interactive assessments, quizzes, tests, exercises and activities, exemplar exam questions, high definition videos, text and high resolution images. Our Certification Programs are compatible with International Curriculum such as Cambridge IGCSE, GCSE, O Levels, A Levels and International Baccalaureate IB curriculum. MAX VLE certificate and diploma programs are suitable for Key stage 4 students, college students, working professionals and individuals seeking to upgrade their life-long skills in Business and ICT.

Enroll today or become our MAX affiliate, and earn 20 percent incentive for every student you introduce. Commissions earned could vary from $25 to $650 per referral.

Order our Maximus+ Activity Books and resources for Business Studies KS4 and ICT KS 1-4.

Download MAX teaching and learning resources from our online SHOP. This is a one-stop for teachers and students for subjects, such as IB ITGS, IB Extended Essay, IGCSE ICT, Business Studies, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Literacy. Numeracy, Science, Music and PSHE.

Our Staff

Managing Director

Our Managing Director, Mdm Lieu Cheow Fong, is an ICT and Mathematics Tutor with Master of Education in Educational Administration and Bachelor of Education in Information Technology. Mdm Lieu has been a renowned tutor at various International Schools in Malaysia. Feel free to contact Mdm Lieu at if you wish to conduct Maximus+ Certificate and Diploma Programs in your Institute.

Online Instructor / Admin


My name is Zeeshan Siraj Din. I was born in the cultural city of Lahore in the province of Punjab, Pakistan. I grew up with a deep love for art, design and culture. I love Bhangra music and Punjabi food. I am a highly devoted Christian, and love it’s values and teaching. By profession I was a Banker until 2005 and have worked for renowned banks such as Citibank. As a young adult my passion for art and design took me into fashion designing, followed by web designing.

My passion followed me as I moved to UK in 2005, where I started my first Fashion website

After a few years I traveled to Malaysia and in a few months I could clearly see that my passion in web designing was leading me to a successful career not just in designing websites, but teaching ICT. Combining all my skills together, I came up with which was the most challenging project of my life. It took me countless hours to complete this site.

I have been an instructor at Maximus+ for the past 8 years. I am an experienced IT Specialist & Integrator, IGCSE ICT 0417 and Business Studies o450 teacher and have worked in a number of International Schools and private institutions. I am also an IB qualified ITGS Teacher and an Extended Essay Coordinator. My passion in website designing led me to create this website.

I have two main objectives for creating this website.

  1. Firstly, to support the Environment and emphasising the importance of positive externalities and avoiding negative externalities. So “Think Green” and “Go Green” for a sustainable and healthy environment.
  2. Secondly, to engage Business students in Mission Based Learning for supporting charity organisations. Students learn with MBL activities that profits are not the only objective of business activity. Social and ethical responsibility towards the society is vital for any successful Business.

To support both objectives, my site’s membership is FREE for registered users and all proceeds from third-party sign ups are donated to a local orphanage in Malaysia.

I am excited to lead you into your journey of success in IGCSE and IB with my teaching and learning resources on this website.

Enjoy browsing and downloading!

Many thanks,

Zeeshan Siraj Din
IB Extended Essay Coordinator,
Teacher for IB ITGS,
Teacher for Cambridge IGCSE ICT & Business Studies KS4
Teacher for Cambridge ICT starters, ICT KS 2-3
CMS WordPress website designer
WhatsApp +60177808977

MBA (Banking & Finance)
Cat 1: Certificate for IB ITGS teacher
Cat 1 & 2: Certificate for IB TOK
Cat 3: Certificate for IB Approaches to teaching and learning
Cat 3: Certificate for Role of the supervisor in the extended essay
Follett Professional Development Certificate: Keeping a Seat at the Table with Google.

Our Mission Statement

Educating students for a successful career. We aim to make a contribution into e-learning by operating as an environmentally and socially responsible virtual learning platform, committed to our sustainable operations for the growth of global society.

Maximus Plus educates leaders, enhances intellectual growth, and enriches lives. The goal of our MAX VLE Virtual learning platform is to research, develop, transmit, and utilize knowledge in order to provide access to quality education for diverse groups of students. We make every decision to support the career and personal development of our learners.We aim to create and foster global networking opportunities.

Our MAX VLE classrooms are committed to bringing the most updated Web 2.0 teaching and learning resources to students, educators, professionals and consumers around the world through their simplicity in design and user-friendliness.

Our Vision Statement

Transforming lives and global communities through learning.

The Word “Maximus” means “The Greatest”.  “Plus” represents our vision to reach beyond greatness.

Our Core Values

To provide an online learning environment of the highest quality and integrity.








Personal growth




Strategic Directions

Meet the needs of internal and external communities by:

  • providing lifelong education and training that produces graduates with the skills necessary to sustain individual career success within a global economy
  • providing employers and communities with the human resources they will require for economic success and contribution to the community
  • taking a leadership position in influencing education and other related public policies; and conducting applied research that will create the new products and services necessary for sustaining the economic health of our external community

Make Maximus Plus the sole choice in our target market by:

  • providing high quality, innovative, and responsive education and training programs, including comprehensive education that lead toward certificates and diplomas
  • advancing new approaches to education, including academic centres of excellence
  • entering into alliances with industry and academic partners to enhance Maximus Plus’ education and applied research thrust
  • promoting the unique character of Maximus Plus’ MAX VLE online classrooms
  • providing an effective, supportive, safe, accessible and affordable learning environment, using state-of-the-art information technologies, where appropriate, to support these directions

Make Centennial College the employer of choice for management, faculty and support staff by:

  • promoting a proactive approach to professional development
  • ensuring that our people have the necessary support and tools to fulfill their responsibilities
  • providing an effective, supportive, safe, secure and accessible working environment
  • nurturing continuous improvement of working relationships at all levels in the community

Value and respect our multicultural diversity by:

  • sustaining an operating environment that capitalizes on the unique contributions of our multicultural communities
  • equipping our students with the skills necessary to respond to the opportunities and challenges associated with ever-changing societal demographics

Ensure that sufficient financial resources are obtained in order to achieve the organization’s strategic objectives.

Enjoy browsing our website.

Zeeshan Siraj Din

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