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As members of our MAX VLE classrooms you can also download our 300+ high resolution posters for schools. All posters are in high resolution and designed to best suite your needs. Make your classrooms and ICT Lab attractive and informative for your students. Each Poster is around 2-4MB. You can easily print them using A4 or A3 size papers. Furthermore, you can create huge banners for displays around the school.

MAX Visual and Engaging Educational Posters 
Improve pupil understanding and give your classroom a new lease of life!

Our colourful and engaging posters have been designed to help improve pupil understanding; breaking down curriculum-based topics into easily digestible chunks of information. The visual and attention grabbing designs are guaranteed to brighten up classrooms and engage users of all ages, abilities and learning styles. We offer over 500 different designs, covering curriculum topics from Key Stage 2 up to IB, so why not take a look at how we can help you create colourful and engaging learning environments for your pupils?

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10 Reasons for using our Posters:

  • About one-third of pupils in an average classroom are visual learners.
  • Visual learners respond well to a colourful classroom.
  • Images, photographs and diagrams are helpful learning aids for visual learners.
  • Words linked to pictures help visual learners grasp and remember new concepts.
  • Posters help reinforce important concepts.
  • Posters can act as a reference for pupils instead of asking the teacher.
  • Classrooms work best when associated with useful information that pupils can use.
  • Posters provide a great teaching resource that can be referred to regularly during lessons.
  • Regularly putting up new posters helps keep your classroom fresh and stimulating.
  • Posters provide pupils with models for presenting information to an audience.

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View the slideshow below for our full range of portrait posters.

class-room-posters-portrait-1-168 [pdf files]


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