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  1. I am really impressed by your tutorials for ICT Paper 2 and 3. My students completed web authoring tutorial in 3 weeks. I like the way you have created a theme and have merged all skills, students need to practice for this topic. Amazing work. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for referring me to this website. I am researching for my IB Business and Management course and I found very useful content on this website. I can see that you offer online Certificate and Diploma programs in Business and IT. I will definitely recommend these to my friends who are looking for a reasonably priced online course. And, I have just signed up for your Affiliate program. There’s no harm in earning a few well-deserved dollars, which could take care of my online shopping 🙂

  3. I am appalled at the amount of content you have posted for ITGS and the Extended Essay. I must say this is very helpful for students like me, who are struggling with writing an extended essay. I am sure this website would be equally helpful for other IB students.

  4. I am an experienced ICT teacher for the past 8 years. I have come across numerous resources for teaching ICT. I bought ebooks from this website for ICT key stage 2-3 students. I feel my life is a bit peaceful now. Thank you for uploading these on your website. I can confidently say that these are 5 star ebooks with complete lessons in the form of worksheets. At the end of each lesson there are exercises for students. I like the way you have structured all tutorials for practical sections which have made my job so easy. All ebooks have printable exam papers and scheme of work. I was thinking maybe i need to edit these, but thank you for your perfect work, for i don’t have to edit anything at all. I am now waiting for you to print them and send me hard copies. Do keep in touch. By the way your idea to follow Cambridge ICT starters curriculum for these ebooks is a smart choice. cheers..

  5. Thank you for your ICT tutorials and package. ICT for all ages !!. One of the best online resource to learn ICT for students. IGCSE ICT syllabus is created and explained step by step. Great work done. Awesome.

  6. This is a SUPER helpful website. I love how the entire syllabus for IGCSE ICT is there and everything is explained step by step which makes it easy to understand and helps you learn it quickly. It doesn’t matter how strong or weak your level of understanding of the subject is, this will surely help you out. That’s thanks to the to the fact that all the information on this website is easy to understand since it’s written in a simple language and following the tutorials here is like being taken by the hand and be guided step by step through the process on how to do the certain task. I would highly recommend using Maximus to assist one in their studies or even if they’re just keen to know or learn more about ICT. It’s like having your own personal teacher who has great teaching skills!

  7. This is an awesome website. There is a lot more I can learn from here and its triggering and generating lots of ideas for me to use in my latest pursuit. I can totally take my time to digest the learning, discover and explore more ICT skills which will definitely come in handy in my work. Loving it!

  8. First and foremost, this is a great website! It has a vast range of ICT-related information not only limited to students taking the ICT subject in school, but also to anyone who aims to venture into the ICT career line. The website itself is amazingly simple to use and the interface is user-friendly. I like how there are even tutorials for common daily-use programs like MS Word and MS Access as it would be really helpful to actually know how to navigate through the program. Keep up good work!

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