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[4] Below is the list of sources for content on our webpages. Please could you contact us just-in-case we have missed out citing any other resource on this site.

  • Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies 0450 Past Year Exam Papers 2010-17
  • Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies 0450 Syllabus 2022
  • Cambridge IGCSE ICT 0417 Past Year Exam Papers 2010-17
  • Cambridge IGCSE ICT 0417 Syllabus 2019
  • CIE website:
  • Images: Free Images from Google search engine.

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This membership plan is very helpful for students and teachers of IGCSE ICT 0417 and IGCSE Business Studies 0450. With this membership package teachers and students can access all password protected pages for 2 years.

Our MAX VLE web-based classrooms offer a futuristic concept in teaching and learning, targeted towards Independent learners at Home schools and International schools.

Resources include:

  • Complete set of theory notes with high resolution graphics, videos and podcasts
  • Step-by-step software tutorials for ICT Practical Paper 2 & 3. All tutorials cover complete set of skills required by Cambridge Assessment International Examinations. To make learning convenient all tutorials have Screencasts and screenshots of software used
  • All ICT Practical Paper tutorials are compatible with MAC and Windows operating systems
  • Software used:
    • PhotoScape (Open-source) for Image editing
    • KomPozer (Open-source) for Website Authoring (HTML, CSS)
    • NeoOffice (Open-source) for Database
    • MS Office Applications for Word Processing, Presentations and Database.
  • Summary of all topics
  • Important Exam topics and examination tips
  • Online assessments on MAX VLE in the form of quizzes and tests. All tests are carefully created with exemplar exam questions which are very helpful for exam revision.

What are Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Classrooms?

Virtual Learning Environment is a system for delivering learning materials to students via the web. These systems include assessment, student tracking, collaboration and communication tools. Virtual Learning Environment is a recent update in Educational Technologies also known as Learning Management Systems, collaboration and learning environments.

AT MAX VLE we have a learning platform with a range of integrated web based applications that provide teachers, learners, parents and others involved in education with information, tools and resources to support and enhance educational delivery and management.

Wish you all the best in your academics. Join MAX VLE today!

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