MAXDP IB Core Components

IB Core Components

Get fully equipped with  IB core components for qualifying your IB diploma. Learn in detail about IB Extended Essay, IB Theory of Knowledge and IB Creativity, Action, Service CAS.


  • IB Extended Essay guide
  • IB TOK guide
  • IB CAS guide
  • IB Approaches to teaching and learning
  • Online curriculum centre (OCC)

Courses offered for MAX IB Core components course

All candidates study the following topics:

MAXDP01 – IB Extended Essay EE
MAXDP02 – IB Theory of Knowledge TOK
MAXDP03 – IB Creativity, Action, Service CAS
MAXDP04 – IB Approaches to Teaching and Learning ATL

MAXDP05 – IB Teaching, learning and examination resources