Complete IGCSE Business Studies 0450 Presentation [.pptx editable version] 400 slides


Key features:

  • 1400 editable slides cover entire syllabus content
  • Categories, menus and hyperlinks for smooth navigation
  • High resolution Images
  • Digital product in PDF format, compatible with latest E-devices
  • Sent as an attachment on Google drive at your email id.


I have created a presentation for IGCSE Business Studies 0450 course. It consists of 1400 editable slides with high resolution graphics and text. It is a complete teaching and learning resource which covers latest 2016-19 syllabus. I have been using it for my lessons for the past few years.

I have Business studies notes, videos and resources on this site. Students have access to it for exam preparation and regular assignments. It has been a very encouraging response so far. I am sure you can engage your students with my choice of graphics and content, into an effective lesson.

This is an excellent product for Business studies teachers because teachers can use it to conduct lessons for 2 academic years, Grade 9 – 10.

So if you are a Business teacher, it’s time to sit back and relax for I have done the tedious work for you. I am charging a higher price for this presentation, considering its benefits and ease of use. I am confident that you would like it. Moreover, you can share it with your students and make learning Business, fun for them. Students can definitely use it for exam revision. These few pounds spent could be an awesome investment for your subject. Now you can have enough time for holidays and shopping. By Zee.


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