ESL Resource – ICT & English Co-curricular Activity – Listening & Reading [pdf & mp3 files]


Listening and Reading activity.


Teaching English as a second / foreign language could be very challenging in some cultures.  Teachers have to make sure students can read and pronounce words correctly.

Well, this resource has helped me to solve this issue during my lessons. I have always had Korean, Japanese or Chinese students who find it very hard to cope with lessons due to an extremely low proficiency in English language. I have practically seen a very clear difference in students’ spoken English, after introducing this resource to students.

With the help of this resource, students can read text from PDF files and listen mp3 narration of the same text. There are more than 15 sets of such texts and mp3 files in this resource. Moreover, you do not need to have an internet connection, because you can download them into your computer, notebooks, tablets or smartphones.

I hope this ESL / EAL activity brings a noticeable difference in your students proficiency of English language.


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