MAX certICT: Certificate in Teaching with Technology

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“Technology will not replace teachers, but teachers who use technology will replace those who don’t.”

Apps required: Google Apps or MS Office Suite.


MAX certICT: Certificate in Teaching with Technology grants FREE access to MAX: VLE Basic Membership Plan.

Key features:

  • The MAX CertICT is a new internationally recognized qualification, and provides a valuable asset to any subject teacher wishing to develop his/her knowledge of technology and how to apply it to classroom teaching. It is also a valuable indicator to potential employers that the teacher is able to use ICT with learners effectively.
  • The MAX CertICT is hands on and practical – you learn about and try out ICT tools during the course, with your own learners.
  • The MAX CertICT is run fully online in Moodle. As an online course, you save significantly on the accommodation fees, travel etc. associated with f2f (face to face) training courses.
  • You can continue to work while you take the online MAX CertICT.
  • The online MAX CertICT takes place over 20 weeks, with two additional one-week breaks, so you have time to try out new ideas and tools with your own learners in your own context while taking the course. Learning can be immediately applied to practice, and there is time to reflect on and digest the course content.
  • By taking our online MAX CertICT, you have the opportunity to experience firsthand online learning in the hugely popular virtual learning environment Moodle.
  • Our course participants come from literally all over the world. Working closely with your course colleagues online, you meet and work with language teachers and trainers from a wide range of contexts and countries.
  • Our tutors are highly qualified and experienced teachers and trainers themselves, and they also have years of experience of (and are fully qualified in) online moderating
  • Certificate provided upon completion with a transcript and course completion letter [three documents]
  • Life-time online verification facility.

Get started:

  1. Register a FREE account and  join MAX VLE classrooms for course content.
  2. Fill our contact us form to contact your online ICT Tutor.
  3. The course fee covers all course content and documentation, video conferencing sessions, full tutor support and ongoing feedback.


All candidates study the following topic(s):

MAXPD01 – MAX Professional Development Course
MAXICT17 – Document Production 041702
MAXICT24 – Dynamic Presentation Skills Course
MAXDP04 – IB Approaches to Teaching and Learning ATL
MAX Academic Honesty Policy
MAX Assessment & Reporting Policy

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” William Arthur Ward.

The MAX CertICT: Certificate in Teaching with Technology is our new online international qualification, designed and developed by the Maximus Plus team of educators. The course examines a range of useful technology-related skills and tools which are immediately applicable in the classroom. Course participants develop basic computer literacy skills, learn about various approaches to using technology in the classroom, explore (free) online tools, and have the opportunity to put these into practice over the duration of the course itself.

The course is hands-on virtual [VLE] classroom practice. Participants leave the course confident not only in using a range of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) tools with their own learners in their own f2f  and VLE teaching contexts, but also with an increased awareness of broader issues such as ICT and assessment, how to integrate ICT into a teaching syllabus, and familiarity with commercially available ICT materials.

Who is the CertICT for?

Course aims & objectives

The MAX CertICT: Certificate in Teaching with Technology aims to equip teachers and trainers with the essential skills and knowledge to effectively use ICT (Information and Communications Technology) in their own teaching or training contexts. The aims and objectives of this qualification are as follows:

  • To develop and consolidate basic IT skills: word processing, spreadsheet processing, presentation authoring, manipulation of images, audio and video, email, file formats, online safety, security and virus protection.
  • To build a critical awareness of a range of commercially available ICT materials.
  • To consider ICT within the syllabus, and how to integrate ICT with regular classes.
  • To develop an awareness of the various contexts and cultural constraints in which ICT may be used by both teachers and learners.
  • To develop familiarity with search and evaluation skills for Internet-based resources.
  • To develop lesson planning and materials preparation skills for Internet-based resources.
  • To learn how to adapt and use current ICT tools with f2f learners, such as WebQuests, blogs, RSS feeds, chat (voice, video and text), podcasting, wikis, social bookmarking, online reference tools and electronic portfolios.
  • To develop an understanding of Web 2.0, VLEs, blended learning and m-learning, and how these could be used in the participant’s context.
  • To develop an understanding of the skills needed for working effectively with students and technology.
  • To consider how to integrate ICT and assessment (including online assessment).
  • To develop an awareness of how to continue the participant’s own professional development in ICT-related areas, and where and how to access this online.
  • To create, implement, and reflect on a final technology-based lesson plan or project.

Course structure & syllabus

The online CertICT: Certificate in Teaching with Technology consists of 3 modules, delivered entirely online over 20 weeks in Moodle, with total of 120 hours work for participants. There are two one-week breaks timetabled into the course.

Module 01

Computer Skills [65 hours]
Email, file formats, word processing, spreadsheet processing, presentation authoring, working with images, audio & video, computer security, online safety issues.

Module 02

ICT (Information and Communications Technology) Tools in the Classroom [35 hours]
ICT usage and tools, Internet search techniques, evaluating websites, social bookmarking, planning and implementing Internet-based classes, WebQuests, voice, video & text chat, podcasting, blogs, RSS, wikis, online reference tools. Web 2.0, VLEs, blended learning, m-learning, electronic portfolios. Commercial ICT courseware, assessment, ICT in the syllabus, continual professional development online.

Module 03

Course Project [20 hours]

ICT Class Project: planning, implementation, review, reflection.

You are expected to spend approx. 6 hours per week on online individual, pair and collaborative group work, including offline reading and reflection. Deadlines for task completion are weekly, and you can log on at any point during the week to work on the course. There are no ‘fixed’ times to be online, apart from regular timetabled online video-conferencing sessions; the dates and times of these are negotiated to suit everyone on the course.

Entry requirements

Internet skills & technical requirements

The course is taught entirely online, using the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment). You won’t need any prior experience or knowledge of online learning, although basic experience of email and Internet is expected. Technical and pedagogical support is available for the entire duration of the course.

You may also need:

  • An Internet connection
  • A headset (best is with a USB connection) or stand-alone microphone and speakers
  • A webcam is optional
  • An up-to-date browser
  • An up-to-date media player (e.g. Windows Media Player or similar)
  • Microsoft Office Applications Suite 2010-13 or simillar.
  • You will use an online video conferencing platform for chats with course tuttor(s) several times during the course – the exact time for this is negotiated with the group. To take part in a video conferencing session you will need a headset with microphone (headsets with a USB plug are the best option). If you have a webcam, you may want to connect that during the video conferencing session, but this is optional—you will be able to see and hear your tutor even if you only have a headset. Video conferencing sessions are always recorded which means that even if you can’t attend, you will be able to watch the recording later online, in your own time. Our video conferencing platform is accessed via a web page—you do not need to download or install anything to use it during the course.

Assessment procedures

Participants need to complete a minimum of 80% of the course work for Module 1 and 2 to an acceptable standard within the time frame of the course. Module 3 (the course project) consists of creating, implementing and reflecting on an ICT lesson, or series of lessons, with learners; 100% of this needs to be completed. An overall Pass or Fail grade is awarded for the MAX CertICT. In order for participants to be awarded the Certificate, all 3 modules must be passed.

Online Readiness

If you have never taken an online course at Maximus Plus, you should take time to review the Online Readiness. We have highlight 6 key readiness tips that can help you to prepare for your online learning experience.

These include:

  • Getting Oriented: Learning about learning online, how to access your course.
  • Knowing Your PC : Navigating technology and ensuring reliable Internet access is important so that it doesn’t get in the way of learning the content.
  • Reading : Access your course and ensure you read the syllabus and instructions presented.
  • Logging in Daily: This is how you attend class… by logging in!
  • Being Self-Disciplined and Engaged: Stay motivated, keep a schedule, and participate.
  • Believing in your Abilities and Asking for Help: You can do it! Don’t get behind, if you have a technical issue, ask for help. If you need help with content or the class, contact your tutor.

Corporate Partnership

Maximus Plus short courses are being conducted online in various countries. This offer is for institutes who wish to conduct Maximus Plus short-courses at their institutes or international schools. Contact us for a highly competitive business proposal.

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