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Key Features

  • Suitable for working professionals and students looking to gain additional accreditation in ICT and IT competency
  • Individual learning at own pace
  • Certificate provided upon completion with a transcript and a course completion letter [three documents]
  • Optional life-time online verification facility.

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Certificates included in this deal:

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Are you a working professional looking for an additional ICT certificate?
Are you a student seeking an additional certificate in ICT?
Are you self employed and seeking ICT skills for your business?
Are you looking for an internationally recognized and verifiable certificate in ICT?

Course aims & objectives:

Preparing students for success in a changing world.

The Information Technology industry is experiencing a certification craze! Whether you’re looking for a valuable career credential or a structured approach to learning, a proper know how of ICT tools and applications is mandatory. The demand for ICT professionals is rising, along with salaries, so now is a great time to switch over to a career in ICT. Take the next step in your career with our ICT skills training courses. Anyone can enroll for these courses, even if you lack previous ICT training, experience or skills. Our certificate programs are aimed to provide all necessary skills for your academic or working career.

Course Type: Part-time

Course Level: Intermediate

Course Requirements: No formal qualifications are necessary

Course Start / intake: On-going throughout the year

Course Duration: Up to 2-3 months

Entry requirements

Software Requirements

This course is compatible with both Windows and MAC operating systems. Students can also use Google Applications or any other Open-source applications.

Internet skills & technical requirements

The course is taught entirely online, using the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment). You won’t need any prior experience or knowledge of online learning, although basic experience of email and Internet is expected. Technical and pedagogical support is available for the entire duration of the course.

You may also need:

  • An Internet connection
  • A headset (best is with a USB connection) or stand-alone microphone and speakers
  • A webcam is optional
  • An up-to-date browser
  • An up-to-date media player (e.g. Windows Media Player or similar)
  • Microsoft Office Applications Suite 2010-13 or simillar.
  • You will use an online video conferencing platform for chats with course tuttor(s) several times during the course – the exact time for this is negotiated with the group. To take part in a video conferencing session you will need a headset with microphone (headsets with a USB plug are the best option). If you have a webcam, you may want to connect that during the video conferencing session, but this is optional—you will be able to see and hear your tutor even if you only have a headset. Video conferencing sessions are always recorded which means that even if you can’t attend, you will be able to watch the recording later online, in your own time. Our video conferencing platform is accessed via a web page—you do not need to download or install anything to use it during the course.

Assessment procedures

Participants need to complete a minimum of 80% of the course work for the Module / Tutorial to an acceptable standard within the time frame of the course. An overall Pass or Fail grade is awarded for the MAX: Cert in Spreadsheet Processing. In order for participants to be awarded the Certificate, course module must be passed.

Online Readiness

If you have never taken an online course at Maximus Plus, you should take time to review the Online Readiness. We have highlight 6 key readiness tips that can help you to prepare for your online learning experience.

These include:

  • Getting Oriented: Learning about learning online, how to access your course.
  • Knowing Your PC : Navigating technology and ensuring reliable Internet access is important so that it doesn’t get in the way of learning the content.
  • Reading : Access your course and ensure you read the syllabus and instructions presented.
  • Logging in Daily: This is how you attend class… by logging in!
  • Being Self-Disciplined and Engaged: Stay motivated, keep a schedule, and participate.
  • Believing in your Abilities and Asking for Help: You can do it! Don’t get behind, if you have a technical issue, ask for help. If you need help with content or the class, contact your tutor.

Enrollment procedures & fees

Apply For This Course: This is an e-learning based online course and you can get started immediately. Pay online for gaining access to our MAX: VLE class-room. Our Student Login Lifetime Membership fee is optional. If you wish to contact your online tutor please fill our contact us form.

Corporate Partnership

Maximus Plus short courses are being conducted online in various countries. This offer is for institutes who wish to conduct Maximus Plus short-courses at their institutes or international schools. Contact us for a highly competitive business proposal.


What is ICT?
Click the ICT link and learn about ICT and the benefits of having a professional qualification in ICT.

What are the benefits of ICT skills training courses ? Why should I apply for a Certificate in ICT?
ICT skills training courses are beneficial for those seeking additional intermediate skills in Word processing, presentations, database, spreadsheets, web designing, HTML and CSS. With step-by-step instructions it is fairly easy to learn these skills in just a few weeks.

Who can apply for our ICT oriented Microsoft Training courses?
If you are 15 years and above, you qualify the age limit for Certification. You don’t need any previous academic background in IT. With step-by-step tutorials on our MAX VLE classrooms, it would be fairly easier to complete course requirements.

How much time is required to complete assignments?
You simply need to spare in total 20-30 hours for completing course work for a certificate in ICT. Students can manage to complete it in 4-8 weeks.

What documents are included with each Certificate?
Upon completion we will send your certificate(s) by secured registered post. We will also issue a student reference  number for online verification. Each certificate comes up with a transcript and course completion letter.

What is the best offer for me?
Make the best use of our deal on this page. Furthermore, based on your previous educational background, we may consider to issue complementary certificate(s),  It may take 10-14 days to complete our verification process. Contact us if you are interested.

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