MAX: VLE Teachers Membership Plan


Membership lasts for 2 years.


Sign-up for our MAX: VLE Teachers Membership Plan. This membership is especially for teachers of IB ITGS, IB Extended Essay Supervisors / Coordinators, teachers of IGCSE ICT 0417 and IGCSE Business Studies 0450. Membership lasts for 2 years.

A futuristic concept in teaching and learning for Home school and International school teachers.

Gain instant access to the following:

  • All student resources on MAX VLE
  • Procedures for conducting IGCSE ICT Practical Tests, including the role of the Exam Officer, ICT Practical exam supervisor, IT department and the school
  • Comments Bank with hundreds of comments for homeroom, CCAs, ICT and Business Studies
  • ICT ECA / CCA activities
  • ‘The Entrpreneur Club’ for Business Studies
  • Conducting a Mission Based Learning / IB CAS activity with Grade 9-12 students
  • IB verified ITGS and Extended Essay documentation.


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