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Watch more than 600 videos for learning about all major syllabus topics, including skills in ICT and Microsoft Applications.

Watch step-by-step video tutorials for attempting IGCSE ICT Practical Paper 2 and 3.


Information and Communication Technology

Types and Components of Computer Systems

Recent Developments in ICT – Web 2.0

Recent Developments in ICT – Social Networking

The impact of new emerging technologies

Input and Output Devices

Storage Devices and Media

Build your own Computer with PC Hardware (Step-by-step)

Learn how to build your own computer using off-the-shelf parts. Not only you will be able to save a lot of money but you will be able to create a computer that is customized and optimized to your personal preferences. Whether you want to build a gaming system or just a basic system for surfing the web, reading email, and writing papers, this course will give you the skills and knowledge you need. Learn how to select the right parts, see how they go together, and learn how to avoid common mistakes Contents at a glance:

  • Why should you build your own computer?
  • What tools and components are required?
  • Safety and ESD rules you should follow
  • How to select a case and power supply?
  • How to install a motherboard?
  • How to select and install a CPU?
  • How to install RAM?
  • How to configure and install expansion boards?
  • How to install a video interference?
  • How to select and install a hard disk drive?
  • How to install an Optical Media Drive?
  • How to install a mouse and keyboard?
  • How to configure your BIOS using the CMOS Setup program?

Computer Networks

The effects of using IT

ICT Applications

Data Manipulation [Microsoft Access 2007 Tutorials]

Data Analysis [Microsoft Excel 2007 Tutorials]

Website Authoring [Joomla Tutorial Videos]

Presentation Authoring [Microsoft PowerPoint 2007]

IGCSE ICT Exam Paper Video Solutions for Practical Paper 2 and Paper 3


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